Are you building owner or property manager of nursing home, health care facility, commercial building or educational facility ? You are responsible for taking steps to protect your business.

MIAMI, FL, June 14, 2020 /24-7PressRelease/ — Because lives have been lost due to defective openings, life safety is our top priority. Our mission is to protect people based on the building’s construction, protection, and occupancy features that minimize the effects of fire and related hazards. Our fire safety evaluations, fire door inspections, and consultations are done in accordance with the regulations by the National Fire Protection Association in NFPA 80, NFPA 101 and NFPA 105. We are here to help your facility increase in safety to better protect your employees, improve performance and maintain efficiency for your business operations, and can help you identify possible code compliance violations and related legal obligations. When the joint commission comes in to survey your facility, they will look for doors that are not working properly with holes, breaks in doors or frames, and field modification.

Fire Door Labeling & Re-certification

If your previously-installed fire doors are missing the proper certification standards, United Fire Door Inspection’s field labeling service will help you avoid potentially removing and replacing unlabeled fire doors and frames. Our experts will provide you with a comprehensive report of all the components in question. We will work with you on modifications and corrections, provide re-inspection services and provide you with the QAI Laboratory certification. After going over the needed components for fire door safety, our technician will install a 20, 45, 60, 90- or 180-minute fire-rated label and hand you a detailed report. We focus on being as reliable and accurate with our inspections as possible, so you never have to go through it twice. QAI labels indicates compliance to appropriate national and local codes, standards and requirements. Fire door, field inspection and labeling is a perpetual need, and we have your solution. united Fire Door Inspection field label technicians will work with your team to assure compliance in many high-rises and large hotel and resort metro markets. This includes hospitals, health care facilities and schools to name a few. By adhering to the local building codes and fire regulations, you can ensure a smooth-running property and can avoid the heavy non-compliance fees, fines and even possible closure.

Certified Fire Door Inspector Ready to Certify Your Fire Doors

Who has the license to enforce NFPA 80?

The Authority Having Jurisdiction, (AHJ) has the authority to enforce NFPA 80. The AHJ comprises of Fire Marshals, The Joint Commission, (TJC) and CMS. You must be a certified fire door inspector to approve the safety of your fire or smoke doors. The AHJ rely on companies like United Fire door Inspection who is a certified Fire door Inspection company to ensure that annual inspection is carried out dutifully by reviewing all the necessary documentation and ensuring that all the important corrective actions are taken to repair assemblies with inadequacies. United Fire Door Inspection is one of the leading industries who have personnel who have been licensed to perform and document annual inspections.

Why work with United Fire Door Inspection?

We always have a certified fire door inspector ready to come to your site to conduct a thorough fire and smoke door inspection. We are straight forward with our services and do not incorporate hidden fees in our reports. The AHJ could come to your facility at any given moment to check on the status of your fire/smoke doors. Be ready by giving us a call for a free quote.

United Fire Door Inspection is a professional and expert fire door inspection company specializing in fire doors inspections and fire door relabeling. We are certified by Door Hardware Institute (DHI), as Certified Fire + Egress Door Assembly Inspector (CFDAI) to perform fire door inspections. Our fire/smoke door experts will provide a analysis of all the doors in your building to ensure that they are safe and comply with the NFPA 80 and NFPA 101 codes. We generate a detailed report on the condition and compliance of the doors in your facility. We provide a valuable resource to building owners, personnel and the AHJ.

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