You want to make relevant summary of your lessons or of your press articles but you don’t really have much time? Choose the text summarizer Resoomer, the tool that will summarize your texts for you. It’s easy to use and accessible according to your needs, this tool is the perfect partner of students and professionnals as well.

A tool tailored to each need

Actually, if Resoomer has been launched, it’s for letting everyone access more easily to text summaries, while facilitating their understanding. You will only have to paste your text in the space provided for this purpose and in a few seconds, your summary is ready. You will be able to use this tool to make a summary of your lessons, of your Wikipedia pages, of your press articles and of many other texts and documents. Resoomer will make sure that the relevance of the texts will be there in order to help you in
your synthesis work. It’s currently a fast-growing field and you will be able to benefit from the different advantages that it provides whatever your activities related to studying.

An easy-to-use tool

As said above, Resoomer is a tool that remains accessible to everyone. You can of course directly use it via its official website but currently, it can be part of the tools that are available on your browser with a plug-in. Google Chrome, Mozilla and Opera will easily embed this tool, giving you complete freedom for summarizing your text when browsing the web. Note that Resoomer follows an algorithm based on semantics, so you can be sure of having a good and relevant text. So, don’t wait any longer to use it in your daily life for a better understanding of your articles.

If you want to try Resoomer, don’t hesitate to go to the website of the brand and to summarize a text whatever their length or the number of words it contains!