More than just a rapper from Houston. Hefe Wine is very calculated. In this documentary you will see living proof that it doesn’t matter the family you are born into, what neighborhood or tax bracket. Obtaining levels of success is up to you.

DALLAS, TX, March 10, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ — Houston native Hefe Wine drops a documentary March 4, 2022 on Tubi. The documentary is a memoir chronicling the life of Hefe Wine aka Wine-O aka Nuwine aka WINE, from his young teenage years leaving home at 14 years of age; up until he hit a level of success in the rap game on through his adult hood.

‘When Thugs Fly’, the documentary has several teachable moments, especially for young black men trying to navigate their way through this thing we call life. Times are truly different; but the documentary shows Hefe Wine (like other young black men) facing certain obstacles almost every black man not only encounter. But will he also suffer consequences? The one thing you will see is no matter what shade of brown or black, when you are young and black in America you will be judged.’

Parents just make sure our young men are prepared. Teach your children more about the culture so they can understand their history.

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