Tom Hanks Donates Plasma as Michael Everest DeMarco sets a new role in Hollywood

NEW ORLEANS, LA, June 14, 2020 /24-7PressRelease/ — During early March 2020, the 63-year-old world’s popular film star, Thomas Hanks, made it public that he had tested positive for the novel coronavirus while filming in Australia. This news came amidst reports of widespread effects of the disease that has since wreaked havoc in the U.S. but an in interesting twist, the actor together with his wife reported that he had succeeded in overcoming the disease when he took to social media to update his fans. In his dramatic Instagram post, Tom Hanks shared a photo of him and his wife donating plasma in the hope to positively influence others to take an active role in helping others fighting with the disease to get treated.

“Plasmatic on 3! 1,2,3 PLASMATIC” his post read with a caption of his photo while donating blood. According to Mayo Clinic as well as other research bodies, convalescent plasma, which is blood containing antibodies obtained from people who have survived the virus, has shown a huge potential of boosting the immune system of people with serious symptoms of COVID-19 and enhancing their ability to overcome the disease.

He encouraged the rest of the public to take a similar step and help restore hope in people struggling with coronavirus. At the end of April, Tom tweeted by showing a photo of his previous donation of a bag of plasma saying that it is as easy as having an afternoon nap once you are one with the necessary paperwork. His big questions were—What next? Is there anything that can do to help others? He was surprised that he was carrying antibodies, which are likely a lifesaver, his podcast message read.

He was not only approached to donate plasma, but he and the wife willingly offered themselves to donate for purposes of impacting not only the health sector but the community as well. He said they will be giving out their plasma to organizations that are working to create a vaccine. He joked that he looks forward to a Hank-ccine, a solution to the COVID-19 derived from his own plasma and blood.

Previously, the actor had detailed in an interview with the Military Defense Radio his long fight with the disease, as he recounted body aches, fatigue, and reduced quality of life. However, he was quick to say how his wife, Rita Wilson endured even more difficult times than he did during the trying moments. He narrated the saddening struggle and ordeal the wife went through from loss of a sense of taste, smell to the feeling of nausea, and lost appetite.

After successfully being treated of the virus in a Queensland, Australia hospital, Tom is optimistic that there are many other people out there who could be going through even tougher times and who are in dire need of help. He recalled more symptoms of the disease including chills, fever, coughs, and body aches all of which made them feel worn out and exhausted.

Why Michael Everest DeMarco aspires to be Like Thomas Hanks
To emulate the achievements of Thomas Hanks, Michael Everest DeMarco, a not so new name in the world of philanthropy, is making headlines through his passionate contributions. Having succeeded as an actor during his early years, Michael has since made a dramatic transition through hard work, dedication, and passion for quality work. His life is an exact replica of Tom, who identified his strengths while still young. He strongly believes in the power of respect devotion and aggressiveness. Michael relates his struggle and achievement to his role model, Thomas Hanks, and hopes to be like him in the years to come. Having made a fortune and a name in the industry and the community at large, Michael understands that following the path of Tom will help propel him to greater heights. Michael Everest DeMarco New Orleans success is largely attributed to his ability to stay focused on goals and his willingness to learn from others, especially Tom whom he regards highly.

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