Meet Suzette Victoria Priester, a Trailblazer in the World of Professional Wrestling.

ATLANTA, GA, April 10, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ — Sports and entertainment, without a doubt, have become one of the same. The growing industry has skyrocketed not only with popularity, but also in the financial realm. The extensive list in this category go from The Harlem Globetrotters to Monster Jam, roller derbys to celebrity boxing, or obstacle racing (such as Wipeout, Ninja Warriors, Gladiators,) to even cheerleading. Although, arguably the most popular of all sports entertainment is professional wrestling. For decades, professional wrestling has become a major part of pop culture. The mystique of the art, along with larger than life athletes, intense characters, fierce interviews, and extraordinary theatrical productions has made for the ultimate source of leisure and excitement. Suzette Victoria Priester is making her mark. She founded Hit Club Pro earlier this year. What sets Suzette apart? She’s a 25 year old, African American woman in the south. These three facts alone are rare and groundbreaking.

When we turn on our televisions to watch professional wrestling, we see the grand stages, the lights, the fireworks, and thousands of fans cheering them on. What many don’t get to see, is where the majority of these athletes started their journey to stardom. The indies.

There are a number of independent wrestling promotions throughout the globe. You could more than likely count with one hand for how many promotions are based in each state of the US. You may have seen a flyer promoting an event at your local civic center, National Guard Armory, highschool gym, or even a farmer’s market. Here you can find some of the most eager and talented athletes showing off their abilities. In the indies, they are given the opportunity to perform in front of a crowd, become comfortable in their style, obtain footage, and build relationships. A lot of times, the wrestlers have traveled hours to make the booking. They perfect their craft and pay their dues in hopes of making it to the big leagues and on television.

Suzette Victoria Priester is a model and actress residing in Atlanta, GA. Originally from Columbia, SC and previously trained in wrestling, she always wanted to combine her knowledge and the aspects of both the entertainment and wrestling industries. A former foster child, she always sought to explore her love for film and production. A major factor was admiring her mother’s relationship with The Fabulous Moolah. Suzette always knew she would always do something major, she just didn’t know when. The pandemic made her question if the industry was stable, but after studying and traveling to shows throughout the southeast, she embarked on a unique journey. She started her own promotion, Hit Club Pro, in the beginning of 2022.

Professional wrestling is a predominantly male industry. This includes not only the talent, but the faces behind the curtain as well. Every major promotion is owned by an older, wealthy entrepreneur or heir, typically a Caucasian male. There is no secret of the well documented barriers, lack of inclusiveness, and stereotyping experienced in the industry, specifically by people of color. The ratio of champions of European descent to non-European descent speaks for itself. There have been numerous storylines involving “fictional racism” towards many different races, in which the lines of entertainment seemed to be blurred with the matter. Black women wrestlers, specifically, have made up only a handful of these rosters. A black woman in an authoritative role? Practically unheard of.

Fortunately, times have indeed changed. African American female wrestlers Sasha Banks and Bianca Belair have headlined the biggest event in the sport, Wrestlemania. There are now more female world champions than ever before, including Naomi and Jade Cargill. Statistically, this is historically groundbreaking. Suzette Victoria hopes to continue this winning streak. Professional wrestling is known for being territorial and/or competitive, and the unwritten rule of “paying dues” can make it a challenge to gain the respect of your colleagues in the indie scene. As a young woman emerging on the scene, there is no doubt that credibility and expertise is questioned. The beginning, like any entrepreneurial debut, is an investment, therefore building a team is crucial. With her experience in performing arts and the entertainment industry, along with her lifelong passion for the sport, she hopes to add a different flavor to the industry as we know it.

Hit Club Pro had its first show March 18th, 2022 in Greensboro, NC. Held at The Firestar Arena, in a city of notably rich wrestling history, there was an array of talented individuals showcased. The event had an almost underground and exclusive feel, as if you were part of a members only club. The diverse roster had no discrimination to age, gender, and or race. This was displayed everywhere from the referees to the photographers. The production included a Spanish commentator, an upbeat DJ, a live performance by a local rapper, and a more rare twist: representation of the LGBTQ community. It’s safe to say, Hit Club Pro is one to rave about.

Suzette’s vision for the company in addition to diversity and inclusion is simple. To make Hit Club Pro feel like home. Where the fans can enjoy a night out with loved ones and mingle with their favorite wrestlers (while fighting the urge to dance!) For people to find their real-life heroes. “To give others a reason to keep going, or at least something to look forward to. For wrestlers, who may not get the platform elsewhere, to shine even if they don’t stand at least 6’5 with an 8pack abs. To give the talent for creative control of their brand, and for fans to see them where they aren’t booked often.” Most importantly the goal for Suzette is to give hope. To be living proof that dreams do come true no matter what you come from. She hopes to grow the company for it to be presented on a larger scale, so that viewers can tune in from anywhere, and be a resource to talent that seek further development in all aspects.

The next date is scheduled for July 29th in Greensboro, NC, which holds a special place in Suzette’s heart. Fans in the Georgia area should expect a date announced in the coming months. She gives special thanks to David Garrick and Philip Alston, AKA Blaqtus Jack for their support.

Check out and @HitClubPro on all social media platforms for updates and more information. You can also follow Suzette at @SuzetteVictoria on Instagram and @_SuzetteV on Twitter.

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