Online event honors Bill Nichols, the “Grandfather of Modern Clogging”

ARCADIA, SC, July 28, 2020 /24-7PressRelease/ — August 8th, 2020 is being recognized as the first annual National Day of Clogging and the International Day of Clog Dancing as a celebration of the contributions of the late Bill Nichols, affectionately known as “The Grandfather of Modern Clogging”.

The National Day of Clogging and the International Day of Clog Dancing (the words clogging and clog dancing can be used interchangeably) will give dancers from around the globe the opportunity to build awareness of the dance and the many contributions of Bill Nichols.

Growing up in the mountains of Western North Carolina and East Tennessee, Nichols’ sharing of clogging with tourists at Fontana Village Resort created a ripple effect that took the dance across the country and abroad.

Nichols is credited as being the first person in America to give terminology, structure, and organization to this American folk dance that was a “melting pot” of percussive dances from any cultures. He created a dance movement that has resulted in elevating a regional recreational activity to a national competitive platform with international acclaim. “He never made his work about “him,” said his daughter Simone Nichols Pace, who is coordinating the event. “His work was always for the benefit of future generations of dancers. Around the world, this is a day of celebration of our talents and a day of reverence for those who came before us. We can put our dancers in the spotlight and generate a multitude of publicity which will inevitably open many more doors of opportunity,” Pace said.

The culture that clogging instructors cultivate through the dance and for the clog dance families can be a bond for bringing our diverse cultures together to share the bonds of fun and friendship. Especially in these times, dance instructors are introducing many people to dance for fun and fitness via the internet. Bill Nichols believed that the best way to reduce cultural bias is to show someone you care, share a meal, share a laugh, share a photograph, and share a dance. Bill would agree with diversity and inclusion expert Verna Myers: “Diversity is being invited to the party; inclusion is being asked to dance.” He may also add that leadership is “calling” the dance. By developing this culture during weekly dance classes, the reach into other areas of life can be extended. Dance instructors influence the minds and attitudes of those who dance with them.

Through the National Day of Clogging and International Day of Clog Dancing on August 8, 2020 we will celebrate our history, encourage diversity and inclusion, and create a brighter future for our dancers. We can make a difference.

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The National Day of Clogging and International Day of Clog Dancing is established to raise awareness of the American Folk Dance style of Clogging. Over the last 80 years, this dance form has changed and evolved to worldwide appeal. Bill Nichols is known as the Grandfather of Modern Clogging. He developed the first common method and vocabulary by which to teach the American version of clogging. He was also the founder and first president of The National Clogging and Hoedown Council, the first American clogging organization. He was instrumental in establishing the first standardized rules of competitive clogging in America.

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