The Legendary Sting, Butterbean, The Hulk and Malibu Take Time to Talk Tough About Peace And Positivity

LOS ANGELES, CA, June 20, 2020 /24-7PressRelease/ — On Saturday, June 20th, 2020 – 5PM Pacific/8PM Eastern, the ‘World’s Toughest Men’ will come together to spread a message of tolerance, unity and reconciliation, and you can be there! Former wrestler, promoter and podcaster Rick Bassman was chatting to legendary tough guys, such as Sting, Butterbean, The Hulk and Malibu. To Rick, they are Steve, Eric, Lou and Deron. Rick, always the smallest guy in the ring, felt together they could deliver a big message.

“With the Talking Tough podcasts, I wanted to see if these legendary tough guys could tell their stories, share what they had learned the hard way and help people better navigate their lives,” explained Bassman.

When coronavirus and protests changed America; Rick and his fellow tough guys took stock, as arenas, gyms and stadiums went silent. Rick asked his friends how they felt about a simple message of peace and positivity, delivered in the most straightforward way possible.

“They were all on board. I think the shared hope among us is that when times are tough, it might also be a time when tough guys can cut through the static and be heard. So we created #BEGOOD,” Bassman stated.

Joining the four tough-guy athletes and celebrities Rick started with are MMA legend Bas Rutten, fitness icon Mine “Titan” O’Hearn, martial arts Hall of Famer, Benny “The Jet” Urquidez, LAPD’s “Angel of Skid Row” Deon Joseph, stuntman extraordinaire Tanoi Reed, the Hell’s Angels’ Rusty Coones and viral sensation Naphil “I’m Tyrone” Hitson.

To help deliver their message, Bassman reached out to twice nominated for Best Documentary Screenplay by WGA, showrunner/Director Tim Prokop.

“I was excited about the premise,” said Prokop. “And I view this as an opportunity to tell universal stories, because as big as these guys are, nothing came easy for them.”

After meeting with dozens of charities; Bassman and Prokop decided on two beneficiaries for the first ever #BeGood live online event. National Cares Mentoring Movement, dedicated to provide vulnerable youth guidance, support and education, along with LiveFreeUSA that works tirelessly to bring equal justice and opportunity to communities who need it most.

Bassman didn’t expect the response they received. “Even before we announced the venture, the phone started ringing off the hook,” states Bassman.

Prokop feels that the simplicity of the event is its greatest appeal. “We have positive themes and challenging questions but there will be surprises even for die-hard fans,” says Prokop. “How we wrangle fifteen alpha males on a live, online stage is going to be an interesting challenge.”

The event will be free on Facebook, along with every major social media site in America. Any celebrity, influencer or fan can stream the program live. In addition, they have set up a donate-per-view portal on, available after the event for anyone who missed it.

Hoping that #BeGood shirt sales will generate strong income for the charities involved.
#BeGood merchandise:

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