Bitcoin Reserve now natively offers a buy L-BTC option on its platform. With more Liquid functionality on the way, Bitcoin Reserve customers will get access to the new possibilities this open financial system built on bitcoin offers.

TALLINN, ESTONIA, June 28, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ — Bitcoin Reserve, the Estonia-based bitcoin-only brokerage and Liquid Federation member, has added the option for buying Liquid Bitcoin (L-BTC) to its service offerings. The Liquid Network is a layer-2 solution and sidechain that enables faster, cheaper, and more confidential bitcoin transactions along with new functionalities.

Bitcoin’s financial layer
Officially launched in 2018, the Liquid Network was the first sidechain on bitcoin. The network is operated and managed by a globally distributed federation of more than 60 of the leading enterprises in the bitcoin space.

Some of Liquid’s advantages:
– Fast settlement with short 1-minute blocks
– Improved privacy through technology called Confidential Transactions
– Cheap transaction fees (avg. 0.1 satoshi/vbyte)
– Issuance of digital assets such as utility tokens, stablecoins, security tokens, and other financial instruments

As a bitcoin sidechain, Liquid is a separate blockchain, but instead of an altcoin like Ethereum or Solana (which detracts from bitcoin’s network effect), it utilizes Liquid Bitcoin (L-BTC), a 1:1 peg to bitcoin as its native currency. For every bitcoin that is pegged (or “bridged”) into the network, precisely 1 Liquid bitcoin (L-BTC) is unlocked on the sidechain. Essentially, this transfers BTC from the bitcoin blockchain to the Liquid sidechain.

To date, Liquid has amassed more than a billion dollars in network value and remains foundational to bitcoin’s growth and adoption, particularly in the rapidly developing security token market.

More to come
After launching the L-BTC buy option for its Flash and Concierge services, a sell option will be added in the near future. Bitcoin Reserve also plans to integrate buying and selling of the USDt (Liquid) stablecoin. By integrating Liquid, Bitcoin Reserve continues to realize its long-term vision of providing high value services that enable both individuals and institutions to make their wealth resilient against the uncertainty and conditionality of the legacy financial system.

About Bitcoin Reserve
Bitcoin Reserve is a bitcoin-only, non-custodial broker that allows customers to purchase bitcoin from €10 to over €10M in a clear and intuitive user interface. The platform is known and appreciated for its quick and simple automated onboarding process. Customers are usually buying bitcoin within 5 minutes. For HNWIs looking to purchase from €50,000 worth of bitcoin, Bitcoin Reserve provides a white glove service called Concierge with competitive fees and deep liquidity.

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