Over 450 Certified Exit Planning Professionals (CEPAs) who attended the 2022 Exit Planning Summit concluded that the businesses served by attendees at this year’s summit are currently worth $1.413 billion less than they could be.

SCOTTSDALE, AZ, June 21, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ — The businesses served by attendees at this year’s Exit Planning Summit are currently worth $1.413 billion less than they could be. That was the conclusion from an analysis of the over 450 Certified Exit Planning Professionals (CEPAs) who attended the 2022 Summit.

The analysis was performed by Capitaliz, a firm that provides software specifically designed to work with and support the Value Acceleration Methodology used by CEPAs. Those CEPAs advise businesses that are current worth $3.9 billion, but Capitaliz estimated that those businesses would be worth as much as $5.3 billion if the owners were to utilize the Value Acceleration Methodology. This value gap is the highest since these measures have been made.

“We were not surprised to learn that there’s a value gap, but the scale of the difference is eye-opening,” said Scott Snider, President of Exit Planning Institute. “But with more than 4,000 CEPAs, EPI is committed to helping empower and educate advisors so they can help owners maximize the value of their business and achieve a successful exit.”

“This value gap represents potential real wealth for business owners,” said Craig West, Chairman, Capitaliz. “The work EPI is doing to help unlock this wealth is critical and can be life-changing for business owners.”

About The Exit Planning Summit
After a two-year hiatus, this year’s Exit Planning Summit was the largest-ever conference focused on exit planning. It brought together hundreds of professionals who work with and guide small to lower middle market business owners, including financial advisors, CPAs, business consultants, investment bankers and others for two and half days of inspirational talks, educational sessions, and networking opportunities.

About Exit Planning Institute
Exit Planning institute (EPI) was formed in 2005 to serve the educational and resource needs of professional business advisors. Its Certified Exit Planning Advisor (CEPA) credential program is the most widely endorsed professional exit planning program in the world, providing advisors with the content, tools and training needed to engage business owners and become their most valued advisors. For more information, visit exit-planning-institute.org or follow us on LinkedIn.

About Capitaliz
Created by Succession Plus, Asia-Pacific’s leading business succession and exit planning specialist firm, Capitaliz takes the tedium out of business advisory to vastly improve evaluations and the client experience.

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