Gain the Confidence to a Become Bold, Proactive Investors.

NEW YORK, NY, November 14, 2019 /24-7PressRelease/ — America’s Money Answers Man Jordan Goodman invited Kenneth Ameduri—CEO and Managing Editor at, and CEO of—to the Money Answers Show to unravel how he became a self-made millionaire at a young age, and how others can gain confidence to become bold, proactive investors.

The Money Answers Show episode, “Why You Need A Financial Moat Amid The Changing Economy”, explains how investors can successfully navigate financial uncertainty and upheaval in the current stock market, how everyone can strategize towards financial survival, and what the action steps are to financial independence within a volatile market.

The episode begins with Ameduri telling his origin story. During his childhood, his father told him, “If you don’t want to be digging a ditch when you get older, you need to start a business.” This instilled drive in him. Having grown up in Argentina, his mother understood and expressed the dangers of hyper-inflation. This instilled financial awareness in him. Employing this foundation of economic drive and awareness, he became a self-made millionaire by the age of thirty.

He says he found his riches by being “in front of trends, and being able to anticipate human action before things start to happen.” No wonder the approach of his financial news source Crush the Street opts out of conventional wisdom. He gives the example of Bitcoin. “Bitcoin was a huge success for us, because we anticipated a basic thing: that more people were going to be buying cryptocurrency than selling it, and we used a lot of metrics to anticipate that.”

Jordan and Ameduri talk big picture. Ameduri’s macro view of economics today, he explains, is that “we don’t have capitalism in our country, and in our world for that matter. Things are manipulated, things are controlled…” They also talk debt, noting the 22 trillion dollars of American bills outstanding, growing at 9% a year. It’s difficult to source the causes of the looming recession but we should still try to understand the signs, Ameduri counsels.

Fielding Jordan’s question about the influx of liquidity that hasn’t caused inflation but deflation, he responds, “The world has been trying to deflate since 2008, and they continue to pump money into the system, and it’s just not circling the right hands.”

As a result of this volatility, he takes a “very defensive position” in regards to investing to protect capital and trying to grow it long-term. He sees the catalyst for recession as some sort of stock or bond markets problem, causing a chain reaction with a loss of control over interest rates. “I believe that could be a massive catalyst that really sets off the next momentum of this recession.”

For this reason, he likes gold, silver, and other precious metals. Gold will do well in the volatile environment because central banks are buying gold. “Last year, they had [broke a 50-year] record amount of buying. 650 metric tons of gold were bought in 2018…They know something that the retail crowd doesn’t.”

So how do investors get in the know? At bottom, the answer is about not getting emotionally thrown. “You really have to have some fortitude and some understanding, and have a longer term horizon on what you do and not be wrapped up with the emotions of the market.” With a sturdy mindset, investors can jump through the windows of opportunity when they appear. “There’s a real sea change, I believe, in precious metals…We’re starting to see companies really ramp up their drilling programs…They’re getting ready for this move in gold, which is exciting.”

Hear the entire episode to get more expert advising about the stock market, precious metals, and cryptocurrency. And for more information on how to protect your finances and grow money with a long-term strategy, listen to “What’s Going on With the Market? Libra & Crypto Currency”, “Global Economy Trends, US Economy, Hot Investments & More”, and other great podcasts from the Money Answers Show.

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