Veritas Global Protection offering solutions for customers affected by COVID-19.

BOCA RATON, FL, May 21, 2020 /24-7PressRelease/ — Veritas Global Protection has committed to excellence when it comes to serving its clients and customers in Florida and the surrounding regions. Even during difficult times of pandemic when social distancing and quarantine are the best survival options, this company is there for its customer’s help. The staff of Veritas Global Protection is taking all the precautionary measures while making sure that no compromise is made on the quality of their services.

The COVID-19 outbreak has disturbed the economic situation of every corner of the world. Every business, whether small and large, is facing the consequences of this global pandemic. In a time in the world where the economic breakdown is evident, businesses are shutting down, and companies like Veritas Global Protection Services INC are serving their customers non-stop. Having a service contract for your vehicle is more than required these days because you are living in a time of uncertainty. You don’t know when you may have a need for an Auto Protection Plan, such as when you go out for groceries. Your vehicle breaks down, then you have to find a service station nearby with the risk of might not finding one.

However, if you have a service contract with Veritas Global Protection of Florida, then you will get peace of mind. You know that if something goes wrong like engine failure, fuel leakage, etc. then expert technicians are available at your disposal. From towing your vehicle to offering a proper repair service, everything is covered in your service contract. Even when you have a shortage of funds, the staff of Veritas Global Protection will handle your vehicle right away and render you the service you need.

Fortunately, you aren’t forced to stick with just one plan, there is a wide variety of Veritas Global Protection Plans depending on your budget, your vehicle’s requirements, or the parts you want to get coverage for. These plans offer coverage to anything that has an engine. So, no matter you own an exotic car or an RV, you will be able to discover a plan that caters to your specific needs.

Veritas Protection guard plans are quite suitable for independent and franchise dealers. Having the guard plan means getting coverage for a vehicle from one to seven years with up to 100k miles of additional coverage with the liability of $12,500 or actual cash value.

Veritas Global Protection simplicity plans don’t just offer coverage to new vehicles; they bring a protection plan for used vehicles of both franchises and dealers. The best part of simplicity plans is that it provides unlimited coverage options for certain kinds of new vehicles for one to ten years.

Another auto protection plan that may be obtained, is the Essential Plans. Now you can get both short-term and long-term coverage plans from Veritas Global Protection Services INC. Short-term plans range from 30 days to nine months, while long term plans can be extended for up to five years. Do you still need some other program? Give a call to the customer care center at 888) 572-4310 or explore other plans are

When you have an auto protection plan, that means saving money on different repair costs. Even during the times of the pandemic, your vehicle can still end in an accident. An auto protection plan is something that you can do for yourself to guarantees peace of mind, especially during the COVID-19 outbreak. Veritas Global Protection plans cover a wide variety of vehicles and different components that you need coverage for. Treat yourself to some peace of mind and get coverage now for your vehicles.

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