Not all CBD is created the same and histamine or allergy response is being severely neglected.

CARMEL, CA, February 11, 2019 /24-7PressRelease/ — CBD is all the rage. Everywhere!

There’s pretty impressive research on everything from anti-inflammation to gut and immune response.

Lots of coverage there.

What isn’t being discussed are the effects on allergy and histamine pathways!

Everyone and their mother is pushing “full spectrum” CBD.

They’re selling the much ballyhooed “Entourage Effect”.

It’s basically the dogma that the sum of the hemp plant parts are greater than the whole.

We would love to see the research to support it!

Even ScientificAmerican took a look at the subject and was unconvinced.

More importantly, roughly 40-60% of the US population deals with allergy and histamine issues.

That number edges towards the high end for women and even higher for women over 40!

All that plant material in “Full Spectrum” CBD is not going to feel good for people with allergy/histamine issues.

On the other hand, research is showing that CBD Isolate by itself can have a powerful calming effect on the histamine pathway!

Learn all about CBD and histamines here.

This is especially important for women over age 40!

There’s a powerful connection between decreasing hormones and histamine response.

Get the full story on CBD, Allergies, and Histamines (especially for women!) HERE.

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