B.BéNI offers a game-changing idea to help readers pursue their dreams and live their best life, regardless of age or life stage

WILMINGTON, NC, March 07, 2019 /24-7PressRelease/ — Inspirational jewelry company B.BéNI recently presented an idea on their website that is undoubtedly one of the best pieces of advice any of us could ever hear.

It’s never too late to make positive changes in your life.

While seemingly simple on the surface, this idea holds the potential to totally transform one’s life, regardless of prior history or experience.

The post, found at the B.BéNI site, reads in part:

Regardless of what stage of your life you are at right now, it is never too late to pursue and live your dream. It is never too late to make positive changes in the way that you live. Many of us have regrets about the things we should have done differently in our lives when we were younger. “If only I had…” has become an all too familiar mantra repeating itself in our minds. As the years tick by, if we don’t begin to make steps towards positive changes, discouragement often sets in and we begin to feel that it is too late. This is an absolute lie! It is never too late to make positive changes and begin to move closer to whatever our dreams may be. Dreams may be as simple as getting fit or cleaning out and organizing your home to as big as starting your own company that you have always dreamed of owning. Especially now, as many people are living longer and more vital lives well into their senior years, a later start is much more plausible. Don’t let yourself feel older than you are. Do not listen to people who act as if they are over the hill in their 50’s or 60’s…or even 70’s for that matter. You are as young as you perceive yourself to be! People like that can be a very negative influence and quite likely will bring you down. My mother was an avid storyteller during her life and had always dreamed of writing a book of her short stories. Well, she accomplished that goal and wrote her first book at 85 years young!

Remember, you are not stuck permanently in the life you have now, even if it often feels that way. We may not be able to change our lives in any way that we want in the blink of an eye, that would be unrealistic. Most people have limits in many areas of their lives and change will take a little bit of perseverance and effort, but it will be well worth it. Everyone can start with baby steps and begin to move toward goals immediately. What about making a small change in an area that has been bugging you? From that small change you will begin to gain confidence and like building a wall one brick at a time, those small changes will construct a foundation that will make you feel positive, energized and hopeful! Bigger and better changes will surely follow. Start by asking yourself – What is one small step I can take right now to get started? Have you always wanted to do something but felt that it was overwhelming and daunting? What about taking a step and making one small change? I find that the hardest time for me is thinking about wanting to do something and not taking that first step. The feeling that something is too big or scary or difficult is one of the most common things to hold people back from taking any action at all. A fear-like paralysis. I find that once I actually break through the inertia and trepidation and actually start, I feel better almost immediately. It may feel slow or awkward when you take that first step but it’s a start and you can build upon it, fine tune it and develop it until it becomes something good.

The full article can be accessed at the B.BéNI site at https://bbeni.com/blogs/news/its-never-too-late-to-make-positive-changes.

B.BéNI is a New England based inspirational jewelry company that is dedicated to providing customers with meaningful pieces of jewelry that will touch the heart and ignite one’s faith, yet be fabulous and chic enough to really rock!

The Old World style pendants, charms and components are their own original designs starting from a simple sketch to a CAD design and then to a solid model. A cast piece is then made from the solid model. A lot of energy and love go into each piece, crafted in the state of Rhode Island, the jewelry capital of the USA.

The metals, finishes, findings, clasps, gemstones & crystals are of the highest quality available. Each order is hand-assembled with great care. The name B.BéNI has meaning. Béni is the French word for blessed so we are saying “Be Blessed.” Fashion, Faith and Quality – not necessarily in that order – is what they are all about.

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