The Bright Life Coach, created by Margaret Carter, offers unique techniques and weekly workshops to empower people all over the country who have depression, anxiety, or dissatisfaction with the direction of their lives.

ANNAPOLIS, MD, March 19, 2020 /24-7PressRelease/ — After suffering from depression for over 30 years, battling and surviving cancer, and owning a successful interior design business for more than 20 years, Margaret was forced to shut down her operations due to technological advancements and the sudden rise of social media. She began to notice that her problems were much bigger than friends and family members could help her with, so Margaret hired a life coach and was taught how to change her core beliefs in deep and meaningful ways beyond her imagination. She overcame seemingly insurmountable odds: beating a three decade depression, graduating from a nine month accredited coaching school, logging over 1,000 hours of coaching experience, and dedicating herself to teaching a loving, judgment-free spiritual program. By using the very same techniques she’s learned in the last five years from her own master coach, Margaret helps her clients:

– Reimagine and create a better version of themselves.

– Initiate or improve relationships in their lives.

– Get unstuck from disempowering beliefs, language and negative energy which is
preventing experiences of peace and joy.

– Establish and achieve their personal goals.

– Connect people who are on the same journey who often feel isolated and alone (via workshops and facebook groups).

– Open up blind spots the clients might have had since childhood that has prevented them
from opening up a world of possibilities.

Margaret is extremely passionate about working with clients who have been clinically diagnosed for depression or anxiety and are currently under a doctor’s care. Her uplifting services are also made available to the spouses and parents of those who are feeling anxious and depressed.

“Depression affects all personalities and can look very different in various people,” says Margaret. “There’s a huge population of people who have depression and are functioning in their lives who may not even realize that their thought patterns are so incredibly dark.”

Margaret Carter’s unique workshops and online sessions help those suffering to reimagine and recreate a better version of themselves. These workshops and her tireless commitment to coaching have been described by clients as a “game changer” in their lives. Please note that whenever Margaret works with a client who has been diagnosed with Depression or Anxiety they must be under the care of a doctor in order for her to work with them

Margaret explains: “One of the results is to feel carefree, guilt-free and catapulted forward. My clients will learn that they need not play the character they’ve been trained to be. My purpose is not to rescue people from the world, the purpose is to create the space for people to rescue themselves.”

It’s A Bright Life workshop starts April 16, 2020 and runs every Thursday for ten weeks. It is here that Margaret Carter will teach new concepts, offer a group discussion and a review of the previous week’s homework assignment–as well as everyone’s “win” from the previous week. This will be a ground-breaking, powerful, scientifically proven way to open up your mind to create new pathways in your brain, which will, in turn, change the way you interact with the world. This should result in wonderful shifts in your life, but only if you’re willing to do the work.

For anyone interested in Margaret Carter’s range of coaching services, you may contact her directly through her website, or by clicking on the contact button to setup a free 30-minute phone call to see if Margaret’s coaching services are a good fit!

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