What are exosomes?

ST. PETERSBURG, FL, March 05, 2020 /24-7PressRelease/ — Exosomes are a more recent discovery in regenerative medicine, becoming increasingly prevalent over the past 15+ years. Often referred to as the next evolution in stem cell therapy, these cells stimulate and influence activity between bioactive components like proteins and lipids. They are a cellular element that exists in the fluid within the body, outside of the cells themselves, and they communicate between cells to make things happen.

Similar to stem cells, exosomes contain incredibly powerful growth factors, capable of repairing damaged tissue and regenerating new, healthy tissue. Exosomes can be injected into joints or other areas of the body that have damaged tissue, causing pain or reducing mobility. By encouraging healthy tissue growth in the area, healing can occur in injured areas that have been unable or slow to heal previously.

This all-natural, minimally invasive procedure allows patients who desperately want to be out of pain but who do not desire to go the route of drugs or surgery another way out. Conditions that can be treated with exosome therapy include knee pain, joint pain, back pain, nerve injury, muscle tears, and more.

Exosome therapy is now available at St. Petersburg Chiropractic Injury & Rehab. Serving the local community since 2010, the clinic’s medical professionals are dedicated to the practice’s mission of serving their community through reducing pain, restrictions, and limitations to improve patient’s health and overall quality of life.

The clinic offers regenerative medical therapies like platelet-rich plasma injections, mesenchymal cells, exosome therapy, as well as traditional chiropractic treatments like adjustments, spinal decompression, physical rehabilitation, ultrasound deep heat therapy, and massage therapy.

The clinical director of St. Petersburg Chiropractic Injury & Rehab is Dr. Colby W. Staubs, D.C. A Florida native, Dr. Staubs spent most of his childhood in Ohio before attending the prestigious Palmer College of Chiropractic. After earning his degree, he moved to St. Pete and opened the practice. With a prolific history of treating spinal issues, Dr. Staubs is passionate about helping his patients get out of pain and regain full use of their back – and their entire body. His supporting staff ensures all needs of the patients are met when it comes to any needed documentation for legal purposes, work, or insurance. Whether patients are recovering from an auto accident, a degenerative illness, or chronic pain, they look forward to helping.

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