If you could meditate with ET, or collapse a timeline, would you? Catch the 2-day DNA activation workshop April 6-7, or if you want to go really far out, become a Star Magic Healing Facilitator April 10-14 in Java NY.

BUFFALO, NY, March 06, 2019 /24-7PressRelease/ — If you had the chance to work with extra terrestrials, would you? 

There are 2 opportunities to get on board the Star Magic Healing ship, landing at the Beaver Hollow Conference Center in Java, NY next month.  Beam me up!

Star Magic Healing is an ascension tool and spiritual healing modality that uses extraterrestrial light code frequencies, sacred geometry, space bending and the collapsing of timelines. Led by Jerry Sargeant of the UK, Star Magic Healing currently has nearly 700 people around the globe who have completed the healer’s certificate training so far. 

In a remote location about 40 minutes southeast of Buffalo, Sargeant is holding a 2-day “Galactic Re-calibration” workshop April 6-7, 2019; a guided meditation-based spiritual healing journey to help you ‘remember’ what your origins are, and upgrade your energy blueprint.  The price is inviting: approximately $300 covers attendance for both days.

For holistic healers, practitioners, or anyone with a deeper interest or calling, there is a healer’s training April 10-14.  The Facilitator’s Training is 5 days and 4 nights of  intensive, onsite training where consciousness is expanded, you will receive light code transmissions, you will learn how to work with light code frequencies, and befriend ascended masters, angels and extra terrestrials, and bend time and space.  You work with each other in a safe classroom setting as you heal one another. It is a quite emotional, intense training like no other.

The training ticket is all-inclusive, and nicely affordable at about $2500 (depending on the exchange rate).  It covers your meals – three chef-prepared vegan meals each day, double-occupancy lodging, all training materials, a graduate Star Magic Healing t-shirt and certificate of completion. The skills are an entirely different frequency and concept than Reiki but are easy to use.

Children as young as 11 have completed the training course as well as senior couples. Absolutely NO prior experience is necessary and there are no age or other requirements.

It is requested to come with an open mind, and be ready for growth, fun, and transformation.

Tickets must be purchased in advance at www.starmagichealing.com.

The local site coordinator is the Holistic Chamber of Commerce Vice President Suzanne Suchan, who has completed the Facilitator’s Training and uses Star Magic Healing in her Orchard Park private practice. Suzanne is happy to answer questions about the events and can be reached at [email protected].

Star Magic Healing is the number one ascension tool on the Planet. Jerry Sargeant is one of the most sought after modern day healers. One love. One heart. One human family.

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