Dr. Neninger, founder and medical director of the Pain & Wellness Institute in Tampa, Florida helps patient with severe lower back pain when nothing else worked.

TAMPA, FL, July 12, 2020 /24-7PressRelease/ — Imagine suffering two years of stabbing back pain. That was the experience of one of Dr. Neninger’s patients, who came to her after seemingly exhausting all their options. This patient suffered from a fall, which led to intense lower back pains that felt debilitating. Past treatments were described as “a Band-Aid on the problem.” No real solution had been reached—medication merely acted to mask the true source of the pain. That is, until the patient began their treatment with Dr. Neninger.

Dr. Neninger tackled the root of the pain, using regenerative medicine to not only soothe symptoms but heal the body. She provided the first genuine relief the patient had felt since their fall. The source of the problem and pain was finally detected and treated, generating healing and the utmost relief.

Dr. Neninger uses regenerative medicine to treat back pain. This form of medicine is able to restore the body’s natural healing processes, relieving pain and recovering damaged sites.

Treatments Provided for Back Pain

Chronic back pain, or even occasional back pain, can impact quality of life. Often navigating medical treatment options can be disappointing, with most routes leading to invasive surgeries or intense medications. Luckily, Dr. Neninger provides a noninvasive, all-natural treatment option—regenerative medicine. This treatment is provided in two forms: regenerative cellular therapy and platelet-rich plasma injections.

Regenerative cellular therapy uses mesenchymal cells to promote healing of damaged tissue. These cells are harvested from umbilical cords, which are donated from healthy, consenting mothers. Mesenchymal cells are robust with growth factors and are immune privileged. This means they do not yet have an established immune system, leaving little-to-no risk of rejection from the receiving patient. Dr. Neninger uses this treatment to target damaged sites of the body, thereby promoting healing, recovery, and relief.

Platelet-rich plasma injections use plasma extracted from the patient’s own blood. Blood is drawn and spun in a centrifuge. This spinning motion causes the platelet-rich plasma to separate from the rest of the blood. The PRP is then injected into the site of the problem, promoting healing. PRP contains plenty of growth factors, proteins, and other components useful to helping the body recover. Plus, since the PRP is from the patient’s own body, there is little-to-no risk of rejection.

Both forms of medicine are provided as treatment options for back pain. Dr. Neninger provides these pathways because they are noninvasive and all-natural, optimizing patient experience, recovery time, and treatment.

About the Pain and Wellness Institute

The Pain and Wellness Institute believes in reinvigorating function and healing to each patient. Pain can be debilitating, and the Pain and Wellness Institute prioritizes restoring their patients’ quality of life. They equip their staff with the most up-to-date medical knowledge and technology, providing accurate diagnoses and treatments at the most reduced cost possible. The Pain and Wellness Institute provides holistic treatment, working to establish an overall healthier life than treat things one at a time. They offer a variety of treatments such as regenerative medicine, IV therapies, hormone therapies, and other forms of pain relief.

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