19 Min Easy Chicken Kit with Seasoning ‘COCKOMIX’

NEW YORK, NY, February 03, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ — A food manufacturer ‘ALWAYS LAB INC’ is rolling out ‘COCKOMIX’, 3 flavors of Korean-Style Chicken Seasoning Kit, on a global crowdfunding platform, Kickstarter in February.

COCKOMIX is a cooking kit with seasoning that users can home cook chicken in 19 mins with microwave, oven, grill, or air fryer.

With raw chicken and COCKOMIX, fried chicken for a home party can be easily prepared without ordering a delivery.

Also, COCKOMIX is a versatile kit that allows you to cook during traveling and camping thanks to its paper stand and shaking bag. You can even cook it on a grill so the recipe can develop without limit.

There are 3 flavors of COCKOMIX seasonings: Korean-Style seasoned chicken flavor, spicy Cheese Buldak flavor, and sweet Teriyaki flavor which is perfect for children. The fact that you can cook Korean-style chicken at home or during camping with your family and friends is attractive enough.

You can just put raw chicken pieces into a shaking bag and shake it with the seasoning. After that, if you cook it with microwave, oven, grill, or air fryer, then the Korean-style chicken is ready.

The COCKCOMIX Kickstarter campaign launches on February 4th. During the 30 days of the campaign period, you can meet COCKOMIX at 50% off the retail price.


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