Intellectual disability coaching site now accepting scholarship applications and donations

WASHINGTON, DC, April 29, 2020 /24-7PressRelease/ — UnPuzzled, an online caregiver resource for those caring for children with disabilities, launched “Bold Journey Forward” last week. The initiative seeks to help 100 single-parent providers with accessible, excellent coaching with free scholarships to its resources and tools.

“As we continue to grow, this was the first project I wanted to see realized and executed,” said Contessa Cooper, founder. “It seems like my life’s work is finally coming together. Before, all I had were questions and struggled to find direction and support. Now, that’s been replaced with purpose, drive, and fulfillment.” She wrote “Mad At The World,” an Amazon bestseller about her experiences and reflections as a young autism mother.

The organization seeks to help parents with small issues or idiosyncrasies, such as home life or meals, to major topics like treatments and therapies. The site is non-judgmental on the experience(s) of its contributors and donors. “In new life experiences like autism or a learning disability, along with parenting, no one has time or patience to be judged. There are real people who need real help, and that’s what we’re here for,” said Cooper.

Recently, Unpuzzled started accepting donations to fund its scholarships during its launch. In its first weeks of business, donors exceeded management’s expectations. “There is an apparent and desperate cry for resource, holistic, and even paperwork support for parents with children on the autism spectrum or other learning disabilities. No parent or caregiver should have to run the maze of misdirection of information I had to go through,” she said.

UnPuzzled is a result of Cooper’s experience of being a young mother with an autistic child, Laquon. She cited few resources and guidance, as she found her own way through available, yet little-known or advertised programs. As a non-profit organization with real-life experience navigating public and private assistance, its direction and advocacy are drawing attention from caregivers, parental or not, about such resources, including holistic or alternative. Another highly charged topic of discussion among the caregivers who join Cooper’s organization is that of caregiver wellness and the constant struggle with exhaustion. “This is a huge, endearing work for us here at UnPuzzled. As much as we think we know, we can’t know or do more without increasing our donor base. We are also looking for members and scholarship nominees alike, to continue our growth in all three areas,” she said.

Rounding out UnPuzzled’s management team are Faith Clarke and Briar Harvey, both also special-needs mothers. Clarke is the author of “Parenting Like a Ninja” and consults with parents and caregivers of people with disabilities. She is also an inclusion specialist and consultant, currently completing doctoral studies in Performance Psychology at Grand Canyon University. She consults with founders and businesses that desire to create more supportive work environments for everyone, regardless of disability and diagnosis. Harvey is a systems expert and funnel designer. She works with small business owners to develop project management and sales systems that allow them to spend more time doing the work they love.

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