With TelemedicineApp.net, Brazzell Marketing Agency works to dramatically lower the cost of telemedicine while making implementation effortless.

ROANOKE, VA, April 23, 2020 /24-7PressRelease/ — Brazzell Marketing Agency, a national agency specializing in health care marketing, has launched TelemedicineApp.net, a new, HIPAA-compliant video conference service priced at $12.99. Remarkably, $12.99 is not an introductory price, nor is it for a pared down model. The $12.99 price point comes in at less than half the cost of similar HIPAA-compliant telemedicine systems, while offering some features not easily found in this class of video conferencing.

“Our research suggests this is the lowest-priced video conferencing app in its class,” reports Gary Brazzell, president and founder of Brazzell Marketing Agency. The class he refers to is HIPAA-compliant, high-definition video conferencing. HIPAA is the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, which has become the standard for protecting and keeping private the patient information collected in health care. HIPAA-compliance in the realm of video chat is widely believed to require a “business associate agreement.” This is a very specific contract in which the video conference provider promises to the individual health care company to (1) protect patient information by all the same rules as health care providers and (2) cooperate with health care inspectors. While there are well-known video meeting platforms offering free accounts, albeit with important limitations, only a handful of video conferencing companies automatically deliver a business associate agreement to their customers. TelemedicineApp.net is in this group of HIPAA-compliant platforms.

“The physical therapy industry is rapidly adopting telehealth during the current social isolation movement. That’s the reason we moved to make HIPAA-compliant telehealth more affordable. As a health care marketing agency, we already practice HIPAA-compliance,” explains Mr. Brazzell. Of course, telemedicine video chat is also popular among primary care practitioners and behavioral health providers. When asked if physical therapy practices have been the primary users of TelemedicineApp.net, Brazzell reveals that the app has surprisingly been more popular among home care and home health agencies. More than for just patient encounters, at the $12.99 level, TelemedicineApp.net accommodates up to 200 meeting participants and offers unlimited cloud storage for recording meetings. With the large number of employees that home care agencies often have working in patient homes, those features give the app a dual purpose as a company meeting and continuing education tool.

Coming from a marketing agency, the other unusual feature with TelemedicineApp.net is that it automatically comes branded to the subscriber. There is no upcharge for branding, and companies do not even need to do the setup themselves. Companies that buy the app upload their logos with the order forms. When Brazzell Marketing Agency delivers the app, it is already branded to the client, with no branding of any other company. They describe this feature as promoting the health care provider in a more professional way and as giving patients a stronger sense that they are in a private meeting space.

Founded in 2003, Brazzell Marketing Agency, is a nationwide, full-service marketing agency specializing in health care marketing, especially outpatient and community-based health care such as home care, physical therapy, home health, and hospice. With more than 1,000 health care marketing clients across the USA, and somewhat internationally, Brazzell Marketing Agency’s core services include consultation & strategy, graphic design, technical writing, promotional writing, websites and online marketing, color printing, development of digital solutions, newsletters, and mailing services. In April 2020, in response to the COVID-19 crisis, Brazzell Marketing Agency launched TelemedicineApp.net.

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