eSign Genie Introduces Mobile Text SMS Messaging Capabilities to its eSignature Software

CUPERTINO, CA, November 14, 2019 /24-7PressRelease/ — eSign Genie, an eSignature software company, is excited to roll out a complete Mobile SMS Text Message integration to their eSign service platform.

In today’s fast-paced world, customers are multi-tasking and overwhelmed with long to-do lists. Contracts sent via email have a high chance of getting lost in busy inboxes or landing in a spam folder. Speed is also critical for companies to close deals as signing contracts quickly leads to increased revenue. Businesses need to employ helpful tools to make sure that their contracts get noticed and signed despite these pitfalls.

As a solution to these issues, eSign Genie has rolled out embedded Mobile SMS Text Messaging across their entire application which includes reusable templates, documents, in-person signing, bulk signing, online forms and APIs.

Mobile Text Messaging AKA “SMS” is ubiquitously becoming the norm for anything with a sense of urgency. A study conducted by eSign Genie indicated that over 80% of contracts get signed within two hours when delivered via Mobile SMS Text Message and email both versus an average of 2 days when the contract is sent via email only.

“Mobile SMS Text Messaging helps our customers to not only speed up the document signing process but also helps with identity management. Mobile SMS Text Message authentication is now included in the eSign Genie signature certificates. This enhances validity and court admissibility of our electronic signatures,” said CEO Mahender Bist. “eSign Genie will continue to establish our leadership position beyond basic eSignatures. Our firm is committed to being a leader in authentication, audit, and security.”

eSign Genie is one of the market leaders in the eSignature industry. eSign Genie was designed specifically to meet the needs of customers looking to implement an easy and affordable solution for sending and eSigning contracts. With eSign Genie you can easily set up contracts, waivers, affidavits, permission slips, etc. It just takes a few clicks with eSign Genie’s easy drag and drop functionality. It’s hassle-free and intuitive to set up.

Here are some helpful eSign Genie features:
– In-Person Signing
– Embedded Signing for your convenience
– API to integrate with your website or application easily
– Integration with Salesforce
– PDF upload template creation
– PDF document sending and esignature flow
– Adding an attachment during the esignature process
– Bulk esignatures
– Certification of Completion and Audit Trail
– Several signature options (upload your own signature, type to sign, or draw signature)
– Drop Box and Google Drive Integration

eSign Genie is an online esignature software launched by AccountSight software company that also has a user-friendly time and billing online software. eSign Genie was developed to send contracts and documents requiring signatures in a matter of minutes. It is easy to esign documents, with robust features, versatile APIs and has the highest level of 256-bit SSL Encryption technology so that your data is transmitted securely. Please visit to sign up for your free trial.

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