Intelligent Automation Fuels Industry

SCOTTSDALE, AZ, April 14, 2020 /24-7PressRelease/ — MotorFuel License Center, a leading license search platform and provider of compliance automation services for the fuel tax industry, announced today its sponsorship of the Petroleum Industry Data Exchange (PIDX) 2020 US Spring Conference. The conference will be held virtually from April 22 – 23 and bring industry leaders and technology experts together to explore ‘Intelligent Automation.’

The event’s keynote discussions about energy transition standards, cloud architectures for data exchange, and automated methods for classification and cataloging are expected to draw hundreds of industry decision-makers. For more information about the PIDX International 2020 US Spring Conference, or to register, visit

Commenting on this announcement, Matthew Schmeisser, Founder and leader of, stated: “It’s more important than ever to find efficiencies, and intelligent automation is a way to strategically define the necessary terms to help everyone start moving in that direction. PIDX is at the forefront of setting this agenda and MotorFuel License Center is positioned to do its small part – both are committed to the same goal of supporting oil & gas with solutions for efficient commerce.”

About MotorFuel License Center
MotorFuel License Center (MFLC) is a leading license search platform for compliance in the fuel tax industry. Its web application helps companies to connect with license registrations for purposes of tax determination, return preparation, and reporting compliance. The software centralizes access to license information from numerous federal, state, and local jurisdictions. It complements existing tax software by automating license verification to complete tax determination. To learn more about its compliance automation services for enterprise, including integration opportunities, visit or follow on LinkedIn.

About PIDX International
Petroleum Industry Data Exchange (PIDX) was founded in 1987 to develop and maintain long-term standards that facilitate digital business of all forms for the entire oil and gas industry. Based in Houston, Texas, PIDX provides a global forum to standardize commerce for the upstream, midstream, and downstream sectors of industry. For more information, please visit

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