The completely free and comprehensive PDF solution is just around the corner. In May 2022, document and management solution provider PDFgear has recently announced the rollout of their new online PDF management service:

SINGAPORE, May 09, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ — For those who’re not familiar with the name, PDF Gear Tech Ltd., headquartered in Golden Mile Complex, Singapore, is an industry-leading corporation in the field of PDF document management solutions, boasting 5 years of document-related software development experience.

With the ever-increasing acceptance of Adobe documents and the electronic submission format PDF, the need for dealing with PDF files is getting stronger than ever, especially in education and business. This fact inevitably fueled the PDF software boom, bringing about tens of thousands of PDF software or online PDF tools, mostly paid, while few of them are up-to-par. But PDFgear seeks to be the best.

As PDFgear founder and CEO Sean Wu stated: “The advent of PDFgear is for resolving issues in this PDF craze, and we aim to stand out to be a free and reliable utility for any users in the world, as long as they are in need, to get an actual viable and limitless tool to fix their problems.”

Powered by Syncfusion SDK, their flagship product PDFgear is an online service integrating an extensive range of PDF management features: it allows users to read PDF, convert PDF to/from Word, Excel, PPT, images, etc., compress PDF, and edit PDF documents, which include merging, splitting, eSigning, annotating, etc.

Due to its web-based nature, it allows its users to access it across all mainstream platforms including Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS, requiring solely a web browser like Chrome (Yes, your mobile phones work with PDFgear as well). And remote collaboration and PDF sharing are made easier.

To learn more about PDFgear online services, you can visit:

As you may tell, this all-in-one PDF toolkit encompasses all PDF management needs in one place (we’ll get to the details in a bit), and it enables you to work with your PDF document wherever you are. And guess what, the online service is completely free to use.

One of the more noticeable upsides of PDFgear is its incredible efficiency (owing to the bleeding-edge integrated PDF processing module): PDF documents will be converted/compressed 2 seconds after you drag and drop your files into the service UI, which already includes the file uploading and processing time.

Apart from that, PDFgear online tool delivers unparalleled practicality and versatility, and with the streamlined workflow for maneuvering through, PDFgear is massively favored by PDF savvy.

-As for conversions, PDFgear supports fast and lossless conversions from/to 80+ input/output formats including popular options like Microsoft Word, Excel, PPT, JPEG, PNG, etc.
-With regard to compressions, there are three compression modes available for you to compress PDF documents as per your needs. Compress PDF document with original quality preserved or significantly hyper compress PDF 90%, it’s your call.
-And if you’re in need of editing pdfs, the comprehensive sets of tools will help you facilely eSign PDF, annotate PDF, comment PDF, add stamps to PDFs, etc. in a clean and intuitive PDF editor screen.

On the other end of the spectrum, PDFgear is geared towards PDF beginners as well. The PDFgaer interface is clean and intuitive, the conversion/compression/editing can be implemented in an easy drag-and-drop manner, thus the most inexperienced users can get the hang of it in just seconds. Any head-scratching problems? You can always get help from their support team promptly.

One last thing worth mentioning is that PDFgear is your go-to place to get the job done, really quick. No muss, no fuss – there’s no payment, no product promotion or advertisements, no sign-up or registration, and no need for any further action taken.

You’ll certainly find it impressive that PDFgear offers unlimited and uninterrupted using experience for absolutely zero cost, and it’s mainly the result of the company focusing more on the growth of market share and the collection of user feedback for the moment than on revenue – for the moment.

The beta version of the PDFgear online tool enjoyed a hearten 4.6 average rating (on a scale of 0 to 5) from 1000 active daily visits and 200 testing volunteers. is soon to be online after the beta test, and the new PDFgear desktop version has just been approved by Microsoft, listed in Microsoft Store, and is ranking top in the PDF management tools category.

When compared with its counterparts such as SmallPDF and iLovePDF, PDFgear prevails with its impeccable performance, especially for free users. The most notable thing about PDFgear is that it doesn’t have limitations on file numbers or file size for its free users, unlike any of the top players in the PDF market.

A Glimpse into What PDFgear Has to Offer

Convert to PDF
PDFgear supports creating PDF documents from various formats: images, Microsoft, eBooks, and more.
-Word to PDF
-Excel to PDF
-DjVu to PDF

Convert from PDF
Convert PDF to image formats, presentation formats, or sharing formats for better information distribution.
-PDF to Word
-PDF to Excel

Compress PDF
-Low compression: reduce document size with 0 quality loss
-Medium compression: a good balance struck between quality and file size
-Strong compression: significantly reduce the size of documents by 90%

Edit PDF
PDFgear encompasses holistic document editing features to facilitate collaborations.
-Split PDF
-Merge PDF
-Delete PDF Pages
-Crop PDF
-Rotate PDF
-Fill in PDF
-Extract PDF pages
-Add pages to PDF
-eSign PDF
-Add digital signature to PDF
-Add page numbers to PDF
-Rearrange PDF pages

Miscellaneous Document Management Features
-Read PDF
-Scan PDF
-Compare PDF
-Protect PDF
-Unlock PDF
-Share PDF

Privacy First
When talking about online services, safety is certainly a topic on the table. PDFgear deems the users’ privacy as their priority. PDFgear is The TLS and SSL encrypted, it is of IOS 27001 standard, and it is worth your trust.

Moreover, PDFgear doesn’t save users’ files whatsoever, files will be permanently deleted from the webserver as the browser shuts down. No personal data storing and no data-logging.

Born in 2010, PDFgear is founded by a group of document buffs. The team has since worked tirelessly for one single mission to bring out the top-shelf services that actually make document management easier.

Tens of years of constant server maintenance, product upgrading, and feature fine-tuning are rewarded and acknowledged by the increasing trust of our beloved users – over 2 million accumulated users from 160 countries in 20 languages. For the time being, PDFgear strives to become the harbinger of creative document management utilities. We are persistently taking steps to bring our products to more global users, fulfilled by the offering of completely free services requiring solely the sharing of love.

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