Multapplied Channel Partners benefit from operational efficiency, new custom mesh network designs, and optional WAN Optimization.

VANCOUVER, BC, July 30, 2020 /24-7PressRelease/ — Multapplied, a leading SD-WAN vendor serving cloud, internet and managed service providers, today announced Multapplied SD-WAN version 6.5, a significant product update that introduces substantial new features and enhancements.

“Our latest software update represents Multapplied’s continued support of our Channel Partners,” said Geoff Hultin, President, Multapplied. “We are making it easier for our Channel Partners to deliver customized, high-performance networks, add customer value, and drive profits. Version 6.5 also enables Channel Partners to add Replify WAN Optimization on a per-customer basis to increase the performance of branch offices, mobile field forces using wireless networks, and employees working from home. This increases value-add revenue and margin.”

Multapplied’s latest release includes technical enhancements to simplify networks, increase performance and resiliency, reduce deployment time, and enable more complex designs to be configured through the Multapplied Management Server. Version 6.5 also includes two new Private Wide Area Network (PWAN) designs that remove the need for dedicated PWAN routers.

“With version 6.5, Multapplied Partners have access to two new options for Private WAN (our site to site network technology). ‘Managed Mesh’ architecture improves scalability and reduces complexity by removing the reliance on the Private WAN router node type and integrating core elements of that node type into Aggregator (headend server) node type,” said Josh Hicks, VP Technology. “This allows direct peering via common dynamic routing protocols with a Partner’s existing firewalls or edge routers. Less hops and less server instances to manage helps to increase our Partners’ operational efficiency with managing our solution. The second option, ‘Unmanaged Mesh’ Private WAN, allows highly customizable network topologies to be designed by exposing tool sets for dynamic routing and custom interfaces at a granular level. Both new options take advantage of modern network technologies such as VXLAN, Wireguard, and Babel, while continuing to support industry standard network technologies and protocols such as BGP and OSPF.”

The new PWAN design also creates greater flexibility for Multapplied Channel Partners as it allows them to maximize the use of existing firewalls and routers while eliminating the extra hop incurred in Multapplied SD-WAN designs that use PWAN routers.

Version 6.5 also introduces a lightweight integration with Replify Ltd.’s software-based WAN Optimization platform to enable Multapplied Channel Partners to deliver WAN Optimization easily on a per-customer basis.

“Our 6.5 release is inspired by the needs and requests of our partner base. Adding two new, more scalable PWAN modes, integrating a world-class WAN Optimization platform, and removing the restriction on nested spaces for our larger channel focused partners enhances the business rationale for adopting Multapplied SD-WAN and reinforces our commitment to respond to partner feedback,” said Logan Campbell, VP Sales. “In addition to providing market-leading efficiency in link aggregation, unparalleled failover and business continuity, enabling our Channel Partners to build and manage their own distribution channels helps monetize investments in infrastructure and generate revenue and profits for our partners.”

Finally, version 6.5 removes a previous restriction on the number of multi-tenant spaces that could be created in Multapplied SD-WAN. With version 6.5, a practically unlimited number of spaces can be created. Multapplied Channel Partners use spaces to segregate customers and assign capabilities such as resource management, network management, and visibility to end-customers and sub-resellers, or the Channel Partner’s wholesale customers.

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