Thing+ — the leading IoT platform in Korea, enabling customers to build IoT solutions easily, quickly and cost-effectively.

SEOUL, KOREA, June 30, 2020 /24-7PressRelease/ — The true end-to-end IoT platform is a software framework that connects all ‘things’ remotely, manages devices, collects data, performs task management, analysis and visualization, and integrates with cloud services. It must handle everything from the management of the devices all the way up to and including analysis and visualization of the data. With Thing+, a cloud-based platform will enable you to build faster, cheaper, reliable and scalable IoT services in different verticals such as agriculture, manufacturing, building management and logistics.

Thing+ has a system configuration consisting of the following:

1) Thing+ Embedded – data collection & delivery designed for quick and easy device integration
● Device Connectivity – Connect custom IoT devices to Thing+ directly
● Network Agnostic – Support for all major network communication types (NB-IoT, SIGFOX, LoRaWAN, etc..)
● Transport Security and Data Recovery – Data transmission secured with TLS along with data recovery and offline storage functionality

2) Thing+ Cloud – reliable and scalable server ack-end
● Data Visualization – Supports the wide range of data visualizations available on the Thing+ dashboard and web application
● Network Agnostic – Provides the backbone for analysis of incoming data and statistics surrounding the usage of the system
● Rules Engine – Supports the ability to set up automation and reactionary rules that respond to incoming real-time data

3) Thing+ Portal – ready-to-use web application for IoT solutions
● Real-time Dashboard-Based Data Visualization – Highly flexible and customizable UI supporting operator/user-facing visualization of IoT data and control of devices
● Rules & Automation – Supports a full suite of tools to create automation based on monitored data, and to allow devices to control themselves intelligently
● White-Labeling & Customization – Designed from the ground up to be customizable and easy to build on top of, Thing+ is one of the fastest ways to get a self-branded IoT solution on-site and working for customers

In light of this, Thing+ created key features to meet the needs of large commercial projects. Keeping your business easier and make things remotely with the following:

● Set up and manage rules – set up reactionary rules that enable the automation of most devices, as well as automatic sending of alarms and information (above left image)
● Comparative Analysis & Statistics data – a full suite of graphing and comparative analysis tools are available out-of-the-box for basic optimization and tracking of abnormalities (above right image)
● Data Visualization – a variety of data visualization widgets designed to display IoT data the way it wants to be seen on your dashboard and widgets can be customized for your business specification (lower left image)
● Real-time monitoring – Thing+ IoT platform is designed to handle real-time streaming data, viewable from any device regardless of screen size or input format (lower right image)

About Thing+ — the leading IoT platform in Korea, enabling customers to build IoT solutions easily, quickly and cost-effectively. It is capable of scaling to meet the needs of large commercial projects. Learn more about Thing+ and join here:

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