UCC Holding, a leading general contracting company in Qatar, has announced its Golden Sponsorship of the first conference that aims to develop the partnership between the public and private sectors.

DOHA, QATAR, July 02, 2020 /24-7PressRelease/ — The conference organised by Qatar Chamber, in co-operation with Hawkamah Centre-the centre of governance, is scheduled on July 7 via video conference.

In early June, Qatar adopted the first law for government partnership with the private sector. This law is considered an important step for the creation of an appropriate investment climate and attracting private capital, in addition to supporting the private sector and activating its pivotal role in strengthening the national economy and contributing to the realisation of the Qatar National Vision 2030.

UCC Holding chairman Moutaz al-Khayyat said: “This conference comes at the right time as the private sector looks forward to explore opportunities and benefits offered by the new partnership law.”

In a ceremony honouring UCC Holding’s Golden Sponsorship of the conference, al-Khayyat praised the government’s decision to issue the Governmental Partnership Law, assuring that the implementation of this law will open great opportunities for the private sector to participate in development and the revival of Qatar in all fields.

“We take pride that UCC Holding took part in the execution of some vital construction projects in Qatar, and was a part of this renaissance,” al-Khayyat added.

During a visit to UCC Holding’s headquarters, Sheikh Thani bin Ali al-Thani, chairman of the conference’s organising committee, said he values the Golden Sponsorship provided by the company.

“Holding such conferences would be an additional incentive to accelerate the application of the first law to develop governmental partnership with the private sector,” Sheikh Thani said.

The conference will host speakers from the public and private sectors. Businessmen and several government agencies are participating, in addition to local and foreign experts. Opportunities and challenges that will result from the law regulating the partnership between the public and private sectors will be discussed.

In addition, most important international experiences in the field of partnership between the two sectors will be discussed during the conference, as well as the recent researches and studies that were published in this regard and what the private sector can expect from this partnership.

Qatar Chamber, through its representation of the business community in Qatar and the services it provides, strives to achieve a set of strategic goals; the most prominent are supporting and developing a sustainable business environment in Qatar for domestic and foreign business, enhancing Qatar’s distinguished and diversified economy and helping to attract foreign investment.

The PPP model is receiving great global attention from the perspective of governance as a mechanism to activate this partnership, based on accountability, transparency and mutual benefit.

Corporate governance plays a significant role in raising the competitiveness of companies by enhancing transparency, improving the company’s management, and ensuring sound strategic decisions are made.

This is reflected in the reduction of the cost of capital and improving the financial performance of companies. At the macro level, corporate governance helps reassure investors and enables an environment that guarantees a rewarding return and acceptable risks, and thus strengthens the capability of the economy to attract investment.

Our purpose is to build living spaces for future generations. We have a specialized company for every trade of business, managed by passionate professionals, making each company uniquely excellent. Simultaneously working together as a one-stop-shop, surpassing every competition.

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